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  • How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Whiplash Injury?

    The timetable for recovering from whiplash varies based on the severity of your injury . Whiplash symptoms can sometimes disappear after a couple of days. Other times, the injury might take weeks or months to heal. Doctor sometimes recommend physical rehabilitation to help your injured muscles and tendons regain their strength and flexibility. Keep in mind that everybody heals at their own unique ...
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  • Common Mistakes Dads Tend to Make When They Get Divorced

    Divorce is a very emotional and trying experience for many fathers. Your feelings towards your former spouse can become hostile and cloud your judgment. Although you might be angry or hurt, you don’t want to resort to reckless actions that might negatively impact your divorce proceedings. This is why it is important that divorced fathers become aware of the common mistakes other dads have made ...
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  • Signs of Parental Alienation

    Parental alienation is the psychological manipulation of a child by one parent to turn him or her against the other parent. This type of manipulation usually occurs during a divorce, when one parent may feel spiteful or angry about the process. Parental alienation can also lead to parental alienation syndrome, which develops in children who came to fear, hate, and reject the targeted parent as ...
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  • Types of Alimony in Florida

    When couples divorce, one-half of the couple may be granted alimony, or spousal support, in particular circumstances. Alimony was much more common in previous years when more women were expected to stay at home rather than work for wages; a husband who wished to divorce his wife, therefore, would have to pay alimony for a certain amount of time, perhaps permanently if his ex never remarried. These ...
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  • Should I Say "Sorry" After An Accident?

    Should I Say "Sorry" After An Accident? Accidents tend to be chaotic and incredibly overwhelming and those involved might feel confused, in shock, or scared. With emotions and adrenaline running high, it is easy to say things like, “I’m sorry,” in the aftermath of an accident. While apologizing might seem like the most natural response, however, this simple gesture can have major consequences when ...
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  • Preparing for High-Asset Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy. The process of separating unified lives can be long, arduous, and filled with emotional strain. This is particularly true for the process of dividing marital property between spouses and determining who will get to keep what as well as what will happen to some of the marriage’s most important assets. When a marriage has a substantial amount of these assets, including ...
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  • The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Divorce

    Social media is more ubiquitous than ever, allowing individuals across the globe to share photos, thoughts, life experiences, and more through a variety of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. While social media can be useful, it can also be incredibly detrimental for those going through a divorce, providing a wealth of evidence for spouses to use against one another. It can impact ...
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  • How to Determine Custody Over Summer Break

    For most of the year, the constant cycle of school, work, and other daily activities makes your schedule fairly predictable, and that means it’s pretty simple to create the terms for your child custody agreement. However, when school lets out, the weather warms up, and free time can be found in plenty. That means it’s a great time to take a vacation, plan some activities, or even just get away ...
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  • How Relocating Can Affect A Custody or Visitation Order in Florida

    Divorce is difficult enough as it is, especially when there are children involved. Once a parenting plan or custody agreement has definitively been finalized, sometimes there are cases where either parent may need to move, whether for work, a relationship, or simply by choice. Whether you find yourself in the position of the parent who wants to move to another location or the parent who does not ...
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  • How to Get a Restraining Order in Florida

    If you are in the midst of a divorce , you may be going through an incredibly difficult and complicated time with your ex-spouse. Through most divorces can be stressful, some divorces can turn volatile when one party turns violent, angry, or obsessive. These instances are far more common than you think, but they are also illegal. At Mitchell & West LLC, our Miami divorce attorneys have seen it ...
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  • Differences Between Military & Civilian Divorce

    If you’re one of the more than 1.1 million active duty members of the United States military or their spouse, your divorce will be significantly different than a normal civilian divorce . Additionally, all service members have certain rights that must be respected throughout the divorce process, as well as other obligations that are different from civilians which can further complicate your case. ...
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  • Fathers' Rights in a Divorce

    As Miami divorce lawyers, we are frequently approached by male clients who are concerned about their ability to stay involved in the lives of their children after their divorce is completed. After all, children are precious loved ones and fathers often wish to stay involved and have a constructive relationship with their children as any caring parent would. However, fathers are often concerned ...
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  • Steps to Take Before You File for Divorce

    If you have decided to file for divorce in Florida, here is an overview of what must be done. If you have any specific questions regarding your case, it is imperative to contact an experienced family lawyer for legal advice. Prepare Forms The first step is to file the right forms for your divorce – also known as “dissolution of marriage” in Florida – in the correct circuit. You must file for ...
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  • Benefits of Divorce Mediation

    Divorce can be frustrating and emotionally draining for all parties involved. Many cases which are hotly contested end up undergoing court litigation, which can be both lengthy and expensive. Fortunately, there is another way to resolve the differences you have with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. If both parties are able to determine a divorce agreement on amicable and respectful terms, mediation can ...
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  • Prenuptial Agreements: Do I Need One?

    Prenuptial agreements are one of the most controversial matters when couples are pursuing marriage, but they can in fact have positive effects in the case that divorce does occur. Though not the most romantic of documents, they can help couples determine their own financial destiny. Florida States refers to these documents as premarital agreements and they are contracts between a marrying couple ...
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