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Take Legal Action and Stop Chasing Payments

Trying to collect child support every month can be an exhausting, frustrating, and infuriating task. You may be owed overdue amounts or just have to “chase down” each month’s payment. If you are struggling to collect child support, our team of Miami child support attorneys can help. We are well-versed with the law and experienced with all avenues of child support enforcement. We can help you file the necessary legal actions and determine what the easiest avenues are for future payments. We understand that you should not have to fight for the money you need and that you are legally due. If your child support payments are court ordered, you have legal options. Don’t allow your ex to make you suffer for collecting what your family needs, let us help.

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Court Orders to Enforce Child Support

If you have reached a point where your ex is held in contempt of court for not paying child support, there are legal options to make obtaining payments easier. The judge for your case can choose from several remedies to help you collect overdue “back” child support payments and future child support.

A judge can set the following in motion:

  • Payment plans for your ex-spouse to follow
  • Establish an automatic withdrawal from your ex’s account to yours
  • Withhold wages from a delinquent’s paycheck
  • Intercept federal or state tax refunds (where more than $500 is owed)
  • Garnish wages from more than $600 or 4 months is owed
  • Freeze home equity lines
  • Intercept worker’s compensation payments
  • Incarcerate a delinquent parent until overdue child support is paid

There are numerous ways to enforce child support and take legal action so that you do not have to “chase” your payments each month. Don’t try to collect on your own, let the courts help you.

Your Family Matters to Us

Our team of Miami child support attorneys at Mitchell & West, LLC are here to help you take care of your family. We know how frustrating it is to not know if you are going to have enough money each month. You have a right to collect court ordered child support, and we can help. Let our attorneys take the legal stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on your children.

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