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Understanding a Father's Rights Protecting Your Rights Through a Personalized Approach

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The rights of a father must be respected before, during, and after a divorce. For many people, this notion may seem like common sense, as they rightly believe equality in family law is paramount. In reality, fathers going through a divorce have historically been seen in an unfair, disadvantaged light for decades.

If you are a father and entering divorce, you may be in for an uphill battle right from the beginning. Secure the representation of our Miami family law attorneys from Mitchell & West LLC to ensure the legal field remains level and fair, as it is meant to be. 

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Why Fathers Are Overlooked in Divorce

At some point in time, an unfair, biased image of motherhood and fatherhood formed in society’s eye. This impractical image painted men as uncaring breadwinners who distance themselves from their families, and created the idea that all women had stronger motherly instincts and often could not fend for themselves. Although today’s society is gradually moving away from these stereotypes, the ramifications of the biasness can still be felt today, especially when a father goes through a divorce.

The court may prejudicially believe that a father in divorce:

All aspects of a divorce are unique to the marriage that proceeded it. Believing that all fathers fit into one category when truly a spectrum of fatherly figures exists is an injustice that robs countless fathers of their rights every year. Only by standing up for your good name and fighting for your desired divorce outcome can you help further reduce the negative social bias.

Our Family Lawyers Are Here to Help

Showing the divorce court that you, a father in divorce, deserve just as much parental rights and responsibilities as your ex-spouse can be an intricate or delicate process. Remove your own doubts by teaming up with our Miami fathers' rights attorneys.

We can use critical evidence – such as criminal records of your ex, your income and housing history, and loving statements from your own children – to prove that your best interests should be respected and maintained during and after your divorce.

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