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Military Divorce Lawyer in Miami

What Makes Military Divorces Unique in Florida?

Unique issues in military divorces include: 

  • Military Retirement Benefits - A spouse may be entitled to benefits if he or she was married to a military member for at least 10 years and the military member has no less than 10 years of service. In Florida, this rule can vary.
  • Calculating Child Support/Alimony - Off-duty pay and active-duty pay can make calculating alimony and child support complex.
  • Deployment, Relocation & Child Custody - Active duty military members often have to deal with deployment and relocation, which can affect child custody arrangements.
  • Special Alimony - If a military spouse gave up a career to further the spouse's military career, he or she may be entitled to alimony.

Divorce involving military servicemen often present unique challenges. It is important that you seek the help of an attorney who is knowledgeable in military divorces and the unique issues they involve. At Mitchell & West LLC, we have represented military members and military spouses all across Florida. We are familiar with many of the issues faced by divorcing military couples as well as the various problems specific to military divorces, such as benefits, deployment, etc.

Where Do I File for a Military Divorce?

This is often the first obstacle for many couples, as many states have residency requirements when it comes to divorce filing. However, Florida provides an exception for military couples. In Florida, you must have been a Florida resident for at least 6 months or be stationed in the state.

Unlike civilian divorces, military divorces can be incredibly complex and confusing. Our family law attorneys at Mitchell & West LLC can walk you through each phase and work to ensure your interests are protected. We tailor our strategies to reflect your unique situation and help you avoid common problems faced by divorcing military couples.

If you would like to discuss your divorce and concerns about what to expect, contact us today.


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