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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Should I Say "Sorry" After An Accident?

    Accidents tend to be chaotic and incredibly overwhelming and those involved might feel confused, in shock, or scared. With emotions and adrenaline running high, it is easy to say things like, “I’m sorry,” in the aftermath of an accident. While apologizing might seem like the most natural response, however, this simple gesture can have major consequences when the time comes to secure compensation ...
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  • Preparing for High-Asset Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy. The process of separating unified lives can be long, arduous, and filled with emotional strain. This is particularly true for the process of dividing marital property between spouses and determining who will get to keep what as well as what will happen to some of the marriage’s most important assets. When a marriage has a substantial amount of these assets, including ...
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  • The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Divorce

    Social media is more ubiquitous than ever, allowing individuals across the globe to share photos, thoughts, life experiences, and more through a variety of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. While social media can be useful, it can also be incredibly detrimental for those going through a divorce, providing a wealth of evidence for spouses to use against one another. It can impact ...
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  • How to Determine Custody Over Summer Break

    For most of the year, the constant cycle of school, work, and other daily activities makes your schedule fairly predictable, and that means it’s pretty simple to create the terms for your child custody agreement. However, when school lets out, the weather warms up, and free time can be found in plenty. That means it’s a great time to take a vacation, plan some activities, or even just get away ...
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