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  • Co-Parenting Tips for During the School Year

    Mitchell & West: Miami’s Best Family Law Attorneys Co-Parenting can be challenging but with proper planning, it is possible for families of all kinds to develop arrangements which allow their children to get ahead and meet success. Finding ways to ease emotional tensions and develop sustainable and consistent frameworks for support which allow parents to work in their children's best interest, ...
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  • Collaborative Law Process for Prenups

    Mitchell & West LLC: Miami Family Lawyer The collaborative law model is the perfect choice for a prenuptial agreement because it by design diffuses a great deal of the duress which can arise from more oppositional proceedings. In the collaborative approach, couples are able to connect more closely and communicate more clearly. Instead of having to filter information and decisions through lawyers, ...
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  • Tips for Dealing with Visitation and Custody During the Holidays

    While traditionally thought of as a time of family unity and joyous get-togethers, the holiday season can be particularly rough for parents and children of divorce . In addition to triggering feelings of loneliness, this time of year can be made even more stressful due to the difficulty many couples encounter when attempting to coordinate an acceptable custody or visitation schedule. Fortunately, ...
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  • The Relationship Between Substance Abuse & Domestic Violence

    We have all heard the same story a million times: a person has an argument with their significant other, gets drunk or high to cope with their frustrations, and gets involved in a physical altercation, leading to charges of domestic violence . But just how often does this actually occur? While substance abuse does not cause domestic violence, studies show that there is a statistical correlation ...
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  • When Does Child Support End?

    In Florida, child support payments will typically last until a child’s 18th birthday. However, support may be ordered for longer periods of time in cases where a child has special needs or has not yet graduated from high school. The date a judge approved an agreement can also influence how long support lasts. Prior to 2010, courts did not automatically include end dates on legally binding orders. ...
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  • Florida May Be the Most Expensive State for Divorce

    It’s no secret that a divorce can be expensive and if you and your spouse live in Florida, you may have to pay more than residents of any other state. In fact, Florida couples may end up paying nearly eight times more in filing costs than couples in states like Mississippi. If you anticipate that your marriage may be coming to an end, it’s helpful to know how much the process may cost. Filing ...
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  • What Is a Subpoena and Do I Need One for My Divorce?

    It is no secret that a divorce can be a frustratingly complicated process. With each side fighting for what is in their best interest, issues of child support, alimony, and the division of assets are often central points of contention. With so much on the line it is common for spouses to feel that their partner is purposely misrepresenting their situation to achieve a better outcome in the ...
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  • Marital Property vs. Non Marital Property in Florida

    When couples are working through a divorce , decisions regarding how property and belongings will be divided can be a central point of contention. When spouses cannot come to an agreement, the terms of property distribution can be left to a judge. Florida is an equitable distribution state meaning that a judge will look to split marital assets fairly between spouses. A judge will base the decision ...
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  • Should I Consent to a Search of My Car if an Officer Pulls Me Over?

    Being pulled over can be a frightening experience and if the police have any suspicions, it is likely that they may ask to search your vehicle. Law enforcement may phrase the request to sound like an order in the hopes that you will comply, but you are not legally obligated to consent to a search. While it may feel strange or wrong to say no to an authority figure such as a police officer, you are ...
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  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Car Accident Cases

    Every family’s worst nightmare is to receive a call informing them that their loved one has lost their life in a fatal traffic collision. Unfortunately, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), approximately 2,500 people are killed in car accidents in Florida alone each year. While nothing will ever replace a loved one’s presence, families of victims of fatal motor vehicle ...
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  • 7 Summertime Water Safety Tips

    Now that summertime is upon us, many people in Miami are sure to be gearing up for an enjoyable season of pool parties, beach trips, and fun in the sun. While water activities can be fun for everyone and an excellent way to keep cool, it is important we remember to keep safety first in order to minimize one’s risk of injury – or worse, drowning. Before you head out on the water or dive into your ...
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  • Attorney P.J. Mitchell Chair of Baptist Health Tour of The Gables 5K

    Attorney P.J. Mitchell of Mitchell & West LLC is the chair of the Baptist Health Tour of The Gables 5K on May 21 st , 2016! The event will be put on by TeamFootworks , a non-profit corporation dedicated to fitness education through the production of events and educational materials. The group’s overall mission is to involve people in physical activity through education, excitement, and fun. ...
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  • How Soon Should You Start Dating Again After Being Divorced?

    As anyone who has ever gone through a divorce can tell you, it is not the end-all to your romantic relationships. Many divorces actually stem from one of the spouse’s finding a new love, a paramour, so to speak. Clearly the heart will continue to want what it wants but when should you allow it to get what it wants? Is there such a thing as dating too soon after a divorce? The overall general ...
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  • Safety Tips for Older Pedestrians in Florida

    According to studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one-in-ten pedestrians on the sidewalks or streets at any given time in America will be someone over the age of 65. However, about 20% of all pedestrian fatalities involve this same age group. The information shows that elders are disproportionately more likely to be struck by vehicles, either due to ...
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