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Co-Parenting can be challenging but with proper planning, it is possible for families of all kinds to develop arrangements which allow their children to get ahead and meet success. Finding ways to ease emotional tensions and develop sustainable and consistent frameworks for support which allow parents to work in their children's best interest, rather than against each other are essential. Successful co-parenting means finding opportunity to compromise. Follow these strategies to develop coparenting cohesion during the school year:

Focus On What Works

Parents that are separated or going through a process of divorce may find that it is challenging to work together because working against each other worked for so long. For these families, it is essential to focus on what has been working and develop mutually beneficial ways for addressing what hasn’t been. At the end of the day, all parents care about supporting their children and preparing them for success. Putting aside differences in the name of children is a key element of developing meaningful co-parenting practices.

Cooperation, Collaboration, Community

Despite the fact that family dynamics may be changing, it is important for co-parents to establish a culture of cooperation, collaboration and community. These qualities bind family units around working together. Though things are changing, families that view each other as cooperative partners, joined in a shared vision of wanting to do the best for each other, are able to face challenges, together.

Create Systems, Build Familiarity

Co-Parents often struggle because they work different schedules or have different amounts of free time than their spouses. Despite this, when parents can come together to develop scheduling tools and strategies which allow them to create new systems and ways of being together, a new familiarity is generated. Over time, children know how to work with the new system and though it may not work in exactly the same way as the old, it can still allow families to meet the demands of the school year in stride.

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