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Although divorce in general is never easy, divorcing parents have an especially difficult task. When a couple begins the divorce process, they will face a lot of issues including having to tell their children that they are separating. If you and your spouse have been faced with the question of, “Have you told the children yet?” our firm is here to offer guidance on this difficult action. The process used for each separating couple will be different, but the task at hand must be done.

For most couples, the goal is to keep children informed while not dragging them into the conflict. As a parent, you will likely intuitively know when the best time to tell your children is, but this should not be dragged out longer than necessary. It is important, however, to reach a united front with your spouse on when this should be done.

In an article from Psychology Today, the following tips were given based on scientific studies of children’s reactions to their parents’ divorce:

  1. Give thought to the setting and circumstances when you break the news
  2. Gather the whole family together and tell everyone at once
  3. Don’t assume your children’s reactions or tell them how they are feeling
  4. Be supportive of their painful reactions and answer their questions honestly
  5. Take responsibility for the divorce and be unified in your message to the children

We often want to minimize the stress we place on our children, especially in traumatic circumstances like divorce. It is helpful to research the different processes for divorce and make a decision that will best help your children cope through the process and have the most positive result on them. If you have any questions about the legal elements that will most impact your children, feel free to contact Mitchell & West at your earliest convenience!

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