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Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • Marital Property vs. Non Marital Property in Florida

    When couples are working through a divorce , decisions regarding how property and belongings will be divided can be a central point of contention. When spouses cannot come to an agreement, the terms of property distribution can be left to a judge. Florida is an equitable distribution state meaning that a judge will look to split marital assets fairly between spouses. A judge will base the decision ...
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  • Should I Consent to a Search of My Car if an Officer Pulls Me Over?

    Being pulled over can be a frightening experience and if the police have any suspicions, it is likely that they may ask to search your vehicle. Law enforcement may phrase the request to sound like an order in the hopes that you will comply, but you are not legally obligated to consent to a search. While it may feel strange or wrong to say no to an authority figure such as a police officer, you are ...
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