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Mass Tort Attorneys in Miami

A mass tort lawsuit helps multiple plaintiffs seek justice against a common defendant, or defendants, after they’ve been harmed. These types of cases usually involve product liability, dangerous drugs, and defective medical devices, and can affect folks in a singular neighborhood or may extend across the country.

Legal Representation When You Need It Most

If you think you have a mass tort claim or are interested in filing a class action lawsuit, our firm is here to help. At Mitchell & West LLC, we focus on providing one-on-one legal counseling to our clients because we believe everyone is entitled to personalized legal representation. Even if you are a part of a mass tort, we understand that your individual needs matter. We have more than 100 years of combined experience to lend to your case, and we’re ready to get started.

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What To Expect from a Mass Tort

Unlike a single plaintiff lawsuit, where one person sues another person or party, a mass tort involves multiple plaintiffs in a common action. Those plaintiffs will unite their case and fight for justice and compensation as a whole, rather than as individuals. All of these plaintiffs will have one thing in common, whether that means they were all injured by the same vehicle or exposed to the same toxic chemical.

The aspects of the case that apply to all plaintiffs will be introduced jointly in the courtroom. However, the points where each individual differs can also be worked into the mass tort more uniquely. At the conclusion of the case, if the plaintiffs are successful, each party will receive different verdicts and forms of compensation depending on the damage they suffered and other aspects of their individual case.

Common Types of Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort cases can take many forms, but they often fall into one of several categories:

Dangerous Drugs: Drug companies may be negligent in the creation or testing of their products, leading to severe injuries, illness, or death.

Defective Products: If product companies fail to safely design, construct, or accurately market their products, they could be liable for the resulting injuries. Common defective products include vehicles, children’s products, e-cigarettes, and household items.

Medical Devices: Poorly designed or inadequately tested medical devices can lead to serious health complications. Whether the device itself fails, or the materials become harmful, they can cause more severe health problems than the ones they were intended to treat. Common examples of defective medical devices include hernia mesh, hip and knee implants, pacemakers, bone grafts, blood clot filters, and IUDs.

Toxic Exposure: Neighborhoods, towns, or larger regions might be affected by exposure to toxic chemicals at a nearby plant or another facility, leading to serious injuries, death, and property damage.

Natural Disasters: While natural disasters are just that, natural, they can result in mass torts against insurance companies if those companies fail to uphold their contracts by compensating families and individuals fairly.

Do I Need a Mass Tort Attorney?

Not just any attorney is qualified to handle a mass tort case. These cases are often large-scale and can be more complex as more and more people come forward. Defendants in these types of cases are typically large insurance companies, drug manufacturers, and they can often afford to hire extensive legal teams to defend their case. That said, you need an aggressive, experienced legal team willing to go up against these big guns.

At Mitchell & West LLC, we’re committed to using our legal experience to fight hard for our clients. We have been included in Super Lawyers®, a distinction fewer than 5% of Florida attorneys can claim, and we are powerful allies in the courtroom. We’re trial-tested, and we fight hard for our clients. If you believe you have a class action or mass tort case, we want to hear from you.

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