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Hernia Mesh Lawyers in Miami

Did You Suffer from Defective Hernia Mesh?

Hernias are common, but so are the complications that come with hernia repairs. For background, a hernia occurs when a part of an internal organ or tissue squeezes through a weak spot of muscle or connective tissue. It can affect men, women, and children and typically results from a combination of weakness, muscle straining, genetics, surgery, and the following:

  • Obesity
  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Chronic coughing
  • Smoking
  • Birth issues

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Types of Hernia

The FDA reports that more than 1 million hernia repairs are performed each year, with about 800,000 repairs being for inguinal hernias (inner groin) and the rest being for other types of hernias. Other types of hernias include:

  • Femoral: In the upper thigh/outer groin
  • Incisional: Through an incision or scar in the abdomen
  • Ventral: In the general abdominal/ventral wall
  • Umbilical: At the belly button
  • Hiatal: Inside the abdomen and along the upper stomach/diaphragm

Types of Hernia Surgeries & Repairs

When hernias occur, surgery may or may not be required. Depending on the type of hernia, a person may undergo either a surgical or non-surgical procedure to repair it. However, the only effective treatment to repair hernias when complications or symptoms arise is surgery. But if there are no complications or symptoms present, watchful waiting is an effective non-surgical option. In fact, it is the only non-surgical option. Watchful waiting involves a surgeon watching the hernia and making sure that it’s not growing or causing issues.

The two types of surgical procedures to correct hernias: Laparoscopic and open repair.

Laparoscopic surgery involves the surgeon making several small incisions in the abdomen to allow surgical tools into the openings to repair the hernia. This type of surgery can be performed with or without surgical mesh. When open repair involves sutures without mesh, it is considered a primary closure. Primary closure is used to repair inguinal hernias in infants, small hernias, strangulated or infected hernias.

Unfortunately, hernia mesh defects occur and can cause serious medical problems, including adhesion, bowel obstruction, bowel perforation, infection, shrinkage, or migration. An unsuccessful hernia mesh procedure can result in severe pain at best but can be deadly at worst. Many patients require corrective surgery to remove the mesh and repair the resulting damage to their surrounding tissues.

Timeline to File for Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

How much time do you have to file a hernia mesh lawsuit in Florida? The statute of limitations for hernia mesh lawsuits is typically 4 years from the date of discovering your hernia mesh complications. Although you have four years, the sooner you file your hernia mesh lawsuit, the better.

If you were harmed by a defective hernia mesh product, improper application of hernia mesh, or another similar surgical issue, know that you are not alone. Our firm is currently accepting cases involving defective hernia mesh and can negotiate for the highest, fairest settlement possible in your case. We have ample experience handling complex mass tort cases like this, and we are prepared to help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Hold the responsible manufacturer accountable for their actions by filing a hernia mesh lawsuit with the help of our Miami attorneys. To get started, contact us at (305) 783-3301!


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