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When a child is born to married parents, the husband is the presumed father of that child. However, when a child is born to unmarried parents, paternity is not presumed. Under such circumstances, both parents can agree to paternity in writing, which is sometimes referred to as an affidavit of parentage. If there is a dispute regarding paternity or either parent wishes to establish paternity, it is necessary to hire an attorney to assist you with this process.

What Can a Paternity Attorney Do?

If you are an unwed mother and wish to establish paternity because you are in need of child support or you are a father seeking to establish paternity to pursue custody or visitation, a paternity attorney can provide the representation you need to accomplish these goals.

Even if the alleged father was not present at the birth of the child, he can always complete an affidavit of paternity at any time until the child reaches the age of 18. If the affidavit is not completed before the child’s birth certificate is issued, you can still have the father’s name listed on the birth certificate by applying to have it added at a later date.

In cases where one parent refuses to cooperate, they can petition the court to either establish or challenge paternity. Under these circumstances, genetic testing may be ordered. If the alleged father refuses to submit to genetic testing, the court may determine that he is the child’s father by default.

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