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The coronavirus pandemic has overturned many lives, and it’s been a stressful, uncertain time across the globe. For those who have recently been injured, recovery and pursuing a personal injury case may have been your priority. Now with other mounting pressures, that may seem impossible.

Our personal injury attorneys are committed to helping you. We’ve received countless questions about what’s happening to personal injury cases and how they will be affected by the virus. Here are some things to consider.

Medical Treatment is Necessary

Personal injury victims need to receive medical treatment to maximize the case value. You may have had an appointment scheduled but canceled it to avoid potential exposure to the virus. We understand your concerns about going to a hospital or doctor’s office right now, but until you’ve received all medical care for your injuries, courts won’t get a full picture of your losses. If you go to the doctor, take extra precautions to protect yourself. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and keep your distance from others. We recommend following these safety guidelines from the CDC.

If your appointments are canceled because your physician’s office temporarily closed or the hospitals became overcrowded, it may be in your best interest to wait to settle your injury claim. We at Mitchell & West, LLC work towards recovering the maximum compensation for our clients, and this is not possible when there is an unclear value of your case. Keep in mind that this will cause delays in resolving a case, but it shouldn’t stop you from starting a claim.

Increased Pressure to Settle

The economy has taken a hit, and insurance companies are not immune. There is a possibility that they will fight harder and use tactics to get you to settle faster with an unfair amount. Their offer may be tempting, especially with so many people facing financial difficulties. If you can afford to wait, it could pay off in the long run. If we believe that insurance companies aren’t putting a fair value on your case, we aren’t afraid of taking a claim to court.

Courthouse Changes and Delays

Stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines have been put in place to reduce the risk of interaction and exposure to the virus. This has led to businesses reducing their hours, changing their processes, or closing down temporarily. The court systems in Florida are no different. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns we’ve seen has been about court closures. Rest assured, our firm has been monitoring the situation closely, and we are keeping ourselves updated on the latest developments. As of now, all court locations in Florida are closed to the public except for emergency or mission-critical court proceedings until April 20, 2020.

However, on March 31, 2020, it was announced that Miami-Dade judges and staff began training on the video conferencing platform Zoom to prepare for a future rollout of Virtual Courtrooms. There’s more good news; most personal injury cases settle before ever going through a lawsuit. However, if you’ve just filed one, courthouse attendance will likely be far down the road. So your focus right now should be on receiving the necessary medical treatment for your accident.

Become a Client from Home

Though there are new challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, delaying your personal injury case could be a big mistake. During these hectic times, our commitment to our clients remains the same— relentlessly fighting for your rights. If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you can count on us to be the advocate for you. Our business is open as usual, but we are available to conduct consultations via Skype, FaceTime, and telephone conferencing.

Schedule a virtual meeting with our personal injury attorneys today by calling (305) 783-3301.

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