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Child Custody

Changing Your Custody Arrangement to Keep Up with Your Changing Life

Courts carefully consider the circumstances of both parents before finalizing a custody decision. However, as time continues to pass both parties by, they find themselves in significantly different situations than when their child custody arrangement was initially established. What worked for the two then may no longer be sustainable. Luckily, Florida law allows either party to seek a modification to address any substantial and unforeseeable changes in their circumstances.

Uncontested Modification

Coparents may collaborate on a new parenting plan designed to fit their specific needs. Our attorneys can help you draft or review the new agreement and present it to the court to request approval. This is the simplest approach and affords you and your spouse the assurance that the new plan reflects your wishes.

The court may still reject a joint plan if it poses any risk to the child’s health or safety. Our team will identify any potential points of concern within the agreement to work to avoid any disapproval.

Grounds for Modifications

Florida courts will only approve a modification in the event of a significant, unexpected, material change in either party’s circumstances. Such instances include:

  • A parent’s living arrangement becoming unsafe or unfit for the child
  • Changes in a parent’s work schedule
  • Changes in the child’s medical needs
  • Intents to relocate
  • The failure of either parent to follow the current visitation schedule

Mitchell & West LLC can help you reevaluate your child custody arrangement and work to adapt it to reflect your current needs. Trust our attorneys to lead you through the process. Call us today to get started: (305) 783-3301.