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Collaborative Divorce

No one expects to get divorced when they get married, but this is an unfortunate reality for some couples. However, you do not have to go through a long, contentious, and costly litigation process to dissolve your marriage. There are other options, such as collaborative divorce, which can keep you out of court and allow you to move forward with your lives with greater ease.

Why Collaborative Divorce May Be Right for You

Collaborative divorce is an alternative approach to dissolving a marriage that allows spouses to end their marriage in a more amicable manner while staying out of the courtroom. For those with children, ending a marriage outside of a hostile environment can help pave the way for a more effective and cooperative co-parenting relationship in the aftermath of your divorce.

Below are some additional benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce:

  • Divorce litigation is often inherently hostile, which can make it far more emotionally taxing and stressful for everyone involved. By choosing collaborative divorce, you can reduce these hardships.
  • One of the reasons why the divorce litigation process is more time-consuming is due to the enormous backlog courts have. Instead of being at the mercy of the court’s schedule, you can make your own through collaborative divorce.
  • You and your spouse will have to make some concessions and learn to compromise in order to achieve a settlement. However, you are still far more likely to be happy with the terms you negotiate together rather than the decision a judge renders on everyone’s behalf.
  • If privacy is important to you, collaborative divorce will ensure that the details of your divorce do not become public record.

For a collaborative divorce to be successful, you and your spouse must be willing to compromise and open to negotiate. Although it may be difficult to set aside some of your resentments and hurt feelings, you and your spouse can greatly benefit from choosing this approach.

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If you are seeking a divorce, but wish to stay out of court, the collaborative divorce team at Mitchell & West LLC can provide the legal guidance you need to amicably end your marriage. You can rely on our compassionate team to help you navigate this emotional process.

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