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People go on vacation to relax, experience new places and cultures, spend time with loved ones, and otherwise take a break from regular life. Unfortunately, vacations are not always the safe haven we want them to be. Let’s discuss the prevalence of sexual assaults on vacations, and your options if you are victimized while traveling.

Sexual Assault and Vacation Destinations

Instances of sexual assault are common at numerous types of vacation spots and events.

Individuals report being sexually assaulted:

  • At vacation resorts
  • On cruise ships
  • At festivals
  • While traveling overseas

There are numerous reasons why sexual assault occurs frequently at these types of destinations. Let’s discuss a few of the factors that may lead to higher numbers of sexual assaults.

Binge Drinking

Alcohol is a part of many people’s vacations. Unfortunately, it is also a factor in many sexual assaults. Some individuals binge drink while on vacation, which lowers their awareness and control. This makes impaired men and women targets for those looking to commit sexual assault.

Additionally, binge drinking can occur on the side of the attacker. The attacker may have consumed a significant amount of alcohol before the attack, making them more impulsive and inclined to commit rape.

Inadequate Security

Vacation resorts and cruise ships are supposed to have security measures in place to keep travelers safe. Unfortunately, when security is weak, it allows for sexual assault to occur more frequently. If the security personnel at the resort or on the cruise ship is negligent and it allows for an attack to occur, they may be held liable.

Lots of People

Many of the top vacation destinations are crowded all summer long. This not only increases the number of potential victims, but also the number of potential perpetrators in the area.


When traveling somewhere brand new, it can be difficult to get a grasp of the area. This is especially true with overseas travel, where language and cultural barriers exist. Unfortunately, unfamiliarity with the vacation spot leaves many travelers more vulnerable to risks. Some attackers will be able to sense this vulnerability and use it to commit sexual assault.

Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Risks

Unfortunately, sexual assault is becoming more and more frequent on major cruise lines. In fact, Carnival Cruise Line accounts for over 50% of reported sexual assaults on cruise ships. Sexual assaults that occur on cruise ships are complex due to issues of classifying the crime and handling offenses that occur in international waters.

Your Legal Options After Sexual Assault on Vacation

Everyone deserves to travel and relax without the threat of being sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, the reality is that some people are victimized while visiting new places and meeting new people. If you are sexually assaulted while traveling, you have legal options.

You may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit after a sexual assault. The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to hold the responsible party or parties liable and secure compensation to cover the costs of your damages. In some cases, it may be the individual who committed the sexual assault. In other cases, the location owner may be held liable for inadequate security and safety measures. For example, the resort being held liable for a sexual assault that occurred on their premises. An attorney can help determine who is liable after looking into the details of the attack.

You may seek financial compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

All of these damages are relevant in traumatic sexual assault cases.

Sexual Assault Cases in Florida

If you are sexually assaulted while visiting Florida this summer, our attorneys at Mitchell & West, LLC are here to support you through a personal injury lawsuit. You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering resulting from an intimate attack. Get started with our compassionate Miami attorneys today; call (305) 783-3301 or use our simple online form to request a consultation.