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White collar crimes are non-violent, financially motivated crimes usually committed by those in a business environment or in government organizations, where individuals are able to access large amounts of funds. These types of crimes are commonly prosecuted by the federal government, which means that you could be facing tougher prosecutors and more powerful agencies with extensive resources.

White collar crimes include:

At Mitchell & West LLC, we have represented numerous clients who have been accused of white collar offenses. We have helped them navigate the investigative phase while safeguarding their rights, as well as effectively obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts in the past. Our white collar crime lawyers in Miami are committed to protecting our clients' futures through aggressive, cutting-edge representation.

Florida Penalties for White Collar Crimes

The criminal penalties for white collar crimes can include jail time, probation, fines, restitution to victims, and a criminal record. On the civil side, you may lose your professional licenses and face civil liability from the alleged victims. Finding gainful employment can also be challenging, as employers are hesitant to hire workers with a criminal past.

Experience on Your Side.

White collar crimes are complex and multifaceted. When you need an attorney with the right skillset and track record to defend you, turn to our experienced lawyers at Mitchell & West LLC. We can guide you through your charges and fight for the best possible result.

Discuss the details of your charges, or if you are currently under investigation, contact us immediately. Early intervention is critical to obtaining a favorable result.

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