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Miami Embezzlement Lawyers

What is Embezzlement in Florida?

Embezzlement involves the misappropriation of another party's funds or property for personal gain. These crimes often occur in business settings where workers have access to large amounts of money.

Examples of embezzlement include:

  • Siphoning company funds for personal use
  • Accepting kickbacks
  • Falsifying financial records
  • Skimming cash
  • Manipulating account balances
  • Hiding inventory or assets
  • Creating and using fake lines of credit

If you have been accused of embezzling funds or property, talk to a lawyer immediately. If you are under investigation, having an attorney intervene early on in the case is critical. In the early stages of an investigation, it may be possible to resolve the matter before any charges are filed. Learn more when you contact Mitchell & West LLC.

What is the Difference Between Felony & Misdemeanor Embezzlement?

Severity of the charges depends on how much was taken:

  • 1st Degree Felony (Property Worth $100k or more) - Punishable with up to a $10,000 fine or up to 30 years in prison
  • 2nd Degree Felony (Property Worth $20k or more) - Punishable with up to a $10,000 fine or up to 15 years in prison
  • 3rd Degree Felony (Property Between $100 to $300) - Punishable with up to a $5,000 fine or up to 5 years in prison
  • 1st Degree Misdemeanor (Property Between $300 to $20k) - Punishable with up to a $500 fine or up to 60 days in jail
  • 2nd Degree Misdemeanor (Property Worth $100 or less) - Punishable with up to a $500 fine or up to 60 days in jail

Florida Penalties for Embezzlement

The penalties for embezzlement vary depending on the value of the stolen property of goods:

  • Misdemeanor embezzlement charges - are assessed if the value of the stolen money or goods is less than $300. The penalties for misdemeanor embezzlement can include a fine and/or up to a year in jail.
  • Felony embezzlement charges - are for offenses involving stolen goods or money valued at more than $300. The punishment can include over a year in prison and steep fines.

In addition, an embezzlement conviction and other white collar offenses can also lead to a criminal record and the loss of professional licenses. Employers are often hesitant to hire individuals convicted of fraud as it is viewed as dishonesty. Your reputation and your career can be in jeopardy.

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