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Collaborative Law Process for Prenups

Collaborative Law Process for Prenups

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The collaborative law model is the perfect choice for a prenuptial agreement because it by design diffuses a great deal of the duress which can arise from more oppositional proceedings. In the collaborative approach, couples are able to connect more closely and communicate more clearly. Instead of having to filter information and decisions through lawyers, couples are able to work side by side to arrive at mutual and reciprocal decisions. It is a process aligned with dignity, respect and compassion, perhaps even a touch romantic.

Legal counsel is present throughout the collaborative process, ensuring legitimacy and guiding proceedings. As couples work together to find the best prenup solution, tensions are reduced and the process is smooth and comfortable for all involved. The collaborative model enhances the process and allowing for more agreement and consent to be established in a supportive rather than adversarial way. The magic of the beginning romance, enhanced through a process that involves trust in a profound and exciting new way.

The collaborative approach is inherently solution focused. It allows parties to sort things out together, to reach mutually beneficial decisions. In allowing parties to work more directly together, this model allows for what could be potentially traumatic emotional situations to be diffused. In many situations prenuptial agreements can be sensitive subjects between couples or their families.

One party may feel a need that another does not; in situations like this, a collaborative approach really shines. By it’s nature, the collaborative law model allows a transparent and supportive process to evolve from what for many couples, is a very complex issue to discuss. In this model, many couples find a new way to live and be together in an equitable and just romance.

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