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Now that summertime is upon us, many people in Miami are sure to be gearing up for an enjoyable season of pool parties, beach trips, and fun in the sun. While water activities can be fun for everyone and an excellent way to keep cool, it is important we remember to keep safety first in order to minimize one’s risk of injury – or worse, drowning. Before you head out on the water or dive into your local pool, be sure to consider the following tips.

  1. Swim in areas supervised by lifeguards: Only swim at pools or sections of beaches that have a lifeguard on duty. Likewise, never leave children unattended near water. Close supervision is the best way to prevent drowning accidents.
  2. Install fences around pools: Own a pool in your home? Make sure it is closed off from wandering children, pets, and trespassers by installing a sturdy fence with functioning latches. Sectioning off your pool can not only keep your little ones and guest safe, but it could also protect you from liability in the event of an accident on your property.
  3. Beware of drains: Pool drains can create significant suction which can pull swimmers down or disembowel swimmers if sat upon. Make sure all pool drains are covered and never let children play near areas with broken or missing drain covers.
  4. Wear lifejackets when boating: Make sure everyone on a boat or Jet Ski wears a properly fitting life jacket at all times. Blow-up water rings and other toys should not be used as life rafts or personal floatation devices.
  5. Do not dive in shallow water: Diving in shallow water can cause a person’s head and neck to strike the bottom of a pool or shore at considerable force, causing spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. If you are unsure how deep water is, do not dive.
  6. Avoid alcohol: Extreme heat and alcohol can be a deadly combination when mixed with open water. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance and coordination, exposing individuals to a greater risk of drowning.
  7. Look out for rip currents: Swimming in open water can expose swimmers to the possibility of being caught in a rip current which can pull a swimmer far away from shore. If you are caught in a riptide, swim parallel to shore until you escape the current, and then swim back to shore.

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