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A misdemeanor might not seem like a big deal, but it is a crime that can result in jail time and big fines and eventually turn into a felony, if you repeat an offense. So while you might not think you need legal guidance now, here is what an attorney can do for you in regards to a misdemeanor charge:

  1. Avoid jail time: Any time you are charged with a crime, there’s the chance of incarceration if you are convicted. An attorney can represent you in court and help you avoid these charges or at least plea to a better deal.
  2. Avoid a record: A criminal record, even with just a misdemeanor, can affect your ability to get into a university, apply for a job, and rent or buy a home. Hiring a lawyer will improve your chances of avoiding a criminal record.
  3. Avoid harsher punishments because of priors: Those who already have a criminal record could be looking at more severe punishments and jail time, even for a misdemeanor. A lawyer will give you the best chance of avoiding harsher punishments.
  4. Prove your innocence: If you’re being charged for a crime you did not commit, the charge will stand until you are proven innocent. While you can defend yourself, an attorney can help you communicate effectively and prove your innocence.
  5. Negotiate a deal: If you’re going to plead guilty, you’ll want a lawyer to help you negotiate a deal with possible reduced charges and sentences.

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, it is crucial that you secure the legal services of Mitchell & West LLC. Our Miami criminal defense attorneys understand that your situation is unique and we can provide a personalized service to fully defend your rights.

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