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Safety First: Protecting Yourself and Your Family at the Pool

The idea of pool safety is not just for parents. Everyone who has access to, owns, or visits a pool needs to know about the dangers involved, so that drowning accidents can be avoided. Drowning and pool accidents are a leading cause of childhood death each year, proving pool safety is vital, especially as the weather heats up and new swimmers join family and friends in the water.  Our team of experienced, knowledgeable Miami drowning accident attorneys can help if you or a loved one was involved in a pool accident.  A drowning accident is life altering for all involved, don’t be caught unaware. You do not want to face insurance agencies, litigation and lawyers on your own. Let us stand by your side.

Pool Safety for Vacationers and Pool Owners: Two-Fold Security

Swimming pool safety for when you are away is two-sided.  You must protect yourself if you are a homeowner who has a pool, but you must be aware of pool safety precautions while enjoying time away as well.

If you own a pool, make sure that you take these precautions for when you are away:

  • Lock gates that surround your pool
  • Set a pool alarm
  • Make sure fences are strong and that there is nothing around them that could help a person jump the fence
  • Leave friends a list of emergency contacts if you are letting them use the pool
  • Use a pool cover to deter unwelcomed visitors and to prevent falling in
  • If leaving for an extended time, consider lowering water levels, draining equipment and possible hiring a pool maintenance company to check the pool while you are gone

If you are heading out for a vacation that involves pool time, practice pool safety precautions, including:

  • Check the levels of the different areas of a pool before swimming and check for lifeguards, many public pools or hotel pools do not employ lifeguards
  • Teach your children how to tread water, where they can get to steps or the side of the pool, and how to float
  • Practice “safe splashing” by checking on friends every few splashes to make sure they are still okay
  • Watch for signs of distress; drowning often looks like a lack of movement, silence, climbing an invisible ladder under water, hair over the face or face in the water
  • Do not drink or be distracted while supervising, accidents can happen in a second
  • Learn CPR

Our Miami Drowning Accident Lawyers Can Help

If your loved one was in a pool accident, or if there was a pool accident at your home, you need legal guidance from an experienced Miami pool accident attorney on our team. The legal aspects of a drowning or pool accident can be complicated, let us help you navigate the legal process while working to reach a favorable outcome. 

Contact our team today to discuss your accident at (305) 783-3301.

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