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It is no secret that divorce is an emotionally challenging experience for anyone to endure, especially parents. Helping your children cope with the coming changes can be a challenge and they will undoubtedly have a hard time accepting this new reality. However, there are steps you can take to ease their troubles and reduce their anxiety during this difficult time.

Tips to Get Your Kids Through this Experience

Kids often think their parents will stay together forever, so coming to terms with the fact that you will lead separate lives is going to be a big shock for them. You cannot stop them from feeling sad or angry about the state of things, but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with it, so they can adjust to your family’s new dynamic.

Here are some tips that will help you give your children the tools they need to deal with your divorce:

  • Be straightforward when explaining the situation: Being straightforward does not mean you need to give them any unnecessary details. To the contrary, it means you should bypass these details and tell them that your relationship is no longer working and that you would both be happier in separate homes. It would also be best to have this conversation with them as a team.
  • Let them know they are loved: Divorce will not change your love for your children, so make it clear to them that you will always love and support them. Reassure them of this fact as often as you need to.
  • Do not complain about your spouse to them: No matter what your feelings are regarding your spouse, do not voice these grievances or complaints to your children. He or she is still their parent and you are doing them a disservice by trying to create a wedge in that relationship.
  • Be available to them: Even after you break the news to your children about your divorce, you need to available to them as much as possible for follow-up conversations. They might not have known how to react to the news at first and needed time to mull it over, so let them know they can talk to you any time.
  • Understand that your children might act out: The fact is that this situation will not be easy, so you need to be understanding. Your children might act out, get angry, become withdrawn, or seem to regress. Give them more of your time, support, and encourage honest and open communication. They need to know that they can come to you with their concerns and fears.

Although this will undoubtedly be hard for everyone in your family to cope with, you can all help each other to create a less hostile and more cooperative environment that will allow your children to adjust, grow, and thrive.

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