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COVID Bug Replaces the Love Bug

While self-isolation has offered many singles a chance to try new hobbies and impulsively cut their hair, couples in quarantine doing their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus are enduring an uncomfortable amount of time to face their partner and their relationship.

For couples with already-strained relationships, months of stay-at-home orders are a breeding ground for arguments and a general reevaluation of the relationship.

The result of self-isolating and divorces is, of course, highly dependent on the couple in question, their relationship, and their desire to make the relationship work. While some couples are taking the opportunity to listen to their partner’s needs and fall in love all over again, other marriages have deteriorated beyond repair.

Why There Could Be a Spike in Divorce Rates

Divorce rates have historically spiked following the holiday winter season and summer vacation months. While this may be partially attributed to waiting for the “best time” or until “after the holidays,” the prolonged time together during months when people traditionally have time off, like summer and winter, also plays a significant role.

While these long breaks together have resulted in divorce in the past, the pandemic adds new stressors to the relationship. Beyond spending too much time together, the pair is now spending time together while battling with the effects of the virus, which may include unemployment, financial hardship, and more.

Other Countries

China was the first to go into lockdown and has been the first to witness a surge in divorce filings. After the month-long quarantine, in some cities, the number of filings broke records.

Unfortunately, China also reported a rise in cases of domestic violence.

The Numbers So Far

The United States has witnessed a spike similar to China’s, with some Manhattan firms reporting a nearly 50% rise in divorce inquiries. Experts suggest that wealthy couples, while immune from the feeling of suffocation in a small space with their spouse, are taking the opportunity to divorce during this financial dip to avoid a greater loss of wealth in their high asset divorces.

While divorce numbers continue to climb, the country remains hopeful that 2021 brings a healthier world with healthier relationships.

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