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We are in the first month of summer, and now it’s time to break out the warm weather clothing and swimwear and head to the pool for fun in the sun. Florida summers get hot and steamy, and a cool dip in the pool is exactly what’s needed to get through the season. But, if you have a pool in your backyard, you probably love your pool but worry about accidents and liabilities you could incur. The second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14 is swimming and swimming-related accidents.

Not all swimming pool related deaths involve actual swimming; some are merely associated with pool fixtures and design. Slip and falls on pool tiles or equipment malfunctions that cause unsafe conditions in the pool all mean that the backyard pool is a huge financial risk for homeowners. Pools are also a beacon for curious small children enticed to explore the pool only to be injured or drown. Thousands of young children are hospitalized each year from swimming and pool-related incidents, and many of those end up in court for personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Swimming pool wrongful death and personal injury cases are delicate in nature because if it’s your pool, you’ve lost your child and loved one, or you’ve experienced a traumatic incident on your property with the death or injury of someone else’s child. While it can be a difficult time for all parties, it’s important to speak to a personal injury attorney who can discuss the details of your situation and decide if you have a case worth pursuing. Compensation may be necessary for medical bills or funeral costs if the owner of the pool is found negligent and liable for the loss of life.

Guidance for Backyard Pool Safety

When you own a swimming pool, you assume responsibility for any accident associate with your pool, like everything else on your property. Whether it’s the stairs on your porch that you haven’t repaired or a hot tub with faulty temperature controls if it’s on your property, it’s your responsibility.

We have compiled a list of ways you can avoid swimming pool related accidents:

  • Gates and barriers should be outfitted to the pool area
  • Everyone in the home who is able should learn CPR
  • Ensure all children are accounted for when using the pool
  • Monitor children at the pool
  • Swimming should always be a group activity
  • Only children who can swim should be in the pool
  • Keep emergency lifesaving equipment near the pool
  • Keep the pool clean and clutter-free

If you are a homeowner with a backyard pool, then you need to make certain your home is properly insured. While it is important to realize there is only so much you can do to prevent accidents, after all – they are by nature unpredictable.

Negligent Parties in Swimming Pool Incidents

So many pool accidents are preventable. While accidents are unpredictable with regards to timing, there are situations where the elements or conditions exist to make an accident inevitable. If you have been involved in a swimming pool related incident, you may have noticed conditions that led to your accident.

Negligent and liable parties in downing accidents usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Poor pool safety stemming from disrepair or lack of oversight
  • Lack of supervision that allowed preventable accidents from dangerous conditions
  • Pool manufacturers selling defective equipment or pools

Compassionate Personal Injury and Wrong Death Attorneys

Whether you are the injured party or the property owner, you need help from a legal professional with experience organizing and creating strategies for personal injury cases. If you are ready to speak to someone about the details of your experience, call us today at (305) 783-3301 to schedule a consultation.