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Most gun owners are incredibly safe when they handle their firearms. However, there are exceptions. And, at times, others may handle a gun without the gun owner's consent or knowledge. These situations can be dangerous and lead to accidental shootings.

Our team at Mitchell & West, LLC is here to explain where most accidental shootings occur so you can protect yourself, your family, and all others around you.

Common Sites of Accidental Shootings

At Home

The home is the most common place where accidental shootings occur. This may be for several reasons. First, firearms in the home may not be properly stored. Homeowners may keep their firearms unlocked and loaded if they need one quickly for self-defense. However, this is a dangerous way to store a gun. Another reason why the home is such a high-risk location for accidental shootings is due to the presence of children. Children may come upon the unsecured firearm and begin playing with it while unsupervised. Sadly, children are often the victims of accidental shootings.

In Cars

Many people store firearms in their cars, especially in their glove boxes or under their seats. If they leave their car unattended with children inside, the children may find the gun and pull the trigger, injuring themselves or others nearby. Additionally, the gun may be accidentally fired while being moved by an adult within the vehicle.

Hunting/Shooting Ranges

Most individuals participating in hunting or visiting shooting ranges are experienced with firearms. Still, accidents do happen. The higher presence of weapons in a small radius naturally leads to an increased risk of an accidental shooting.

Other common circumstances surrounding accidental shootings are:

  • When the parties involved are playing with the gun
  • When someone incorrectly believes the gun is unloaded
  • When someone is cleaning the firearm
  • When alcohol is involved

Accidental Shooting Injury Attorneys

When handling or around firearms, safety needs to be a top concern. However, if unobservant, negligent, or young parties are involved, an accidental shooting could occur. If a bullet struck you or a loved one during an accidental shooting, contact us at Mitchell & West, LLC to discuss your legal rights.