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Divorce is a very emotional and trying experience for many fathers. Your feelings towards your former spouse can become hostile and cloud your judgment. Although you might be angry or hurt, you don’t want to resort to reckless actions that might negatively impact your divorce proceedings. This is why it is important that divorced fathers become aware of the common mistakes other dads have made during their divorce. Avoiding these errors can save you money and energy, it can even relieve some of the stress associated with divorce.

Don’t Try Outspending Your Spouse

This a common mistake made by many dads. Trying to make your ex break under financial pressure is not a smart legal strategy. Driving up the cost of litigation will likely add one more person to your list of enemies. In fact, some states have laws that punish retaliatory behavior.

Don’t Underestimate Your Spouse

If your spouse says they want a divorce, you should believe them. Some men are caught off guard when they are served with divorce papers because they didn’t take their spouse’s initial threat seriously. It’s important to take divorce seriously and to research things like child custody, legal fees, and potential tax implications.

Don’t Get Legal Advice from Friends & Family

Divorce proceedings are complicated. Although most of us know someone who has been divorced, it does not necessarily make that particular individual a divorce specialist. Divorce laws are constantly changing and last thing you want is false legal information. Get advice about your divorce from an experienced attorney, not your friends and family.

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