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The timetable for recovering from whiplash varies based on the severity of your injury. Whiplash symptoms can sometimes disappear after a couple of days. Other times, the injury might take weeks or months to heal. Doctor sometimes recommend physical rehabilitation to help your injured muscles and tendons regain their strength and flexibility. Keep in mind that everybody heals at their own unique rate, making it difficult for a recovery timeframe to be exact.

The Psychology of Recovery

Positive reinforcement has been shown to benefit the recovery of whiplash injuries. A person’s expectations can also assist with the healing process. How you experience pain can also influence the quality of your recovery. Research shows that on a 10-point pain-scale, those who rate their pain at 5 or less tend to recover more quickly than people who report greater levels pain.

Types of Treatments for Whiplash

Icing your neck can help reduce the swelling and pain of your injuries. Prescription medicines also help manage inflammatory pain. Some doctors might prescribe a neck brace or medical collar so your neck heals without additional strain.

Our Attorneys Can Help You

Is your whiplash injury the result of another person’s negligence? You might be entitled to financial compensation. An experienced attorney can help you file a personal injury claim. At Mitchell & West LLC, we provide professional and courteous service. Our goal is to help our many clients move on from their injuries and get back to their regular lives.

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