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How Far Can a Parent Move with Joint Custody?

How Far Can a Parent Move with Joint Custody?

Child Custody & Relocation

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce and want to create a little space between you and your ex, you’ll need to adhere to Florida relocation laws as they relate to your custody agreement. Depending on the conditions in your divorce and child custody agreement, you may have limitations on your move. The court will consider the effects of moving on your child’s wellbeing, how it will affect his or her relationship with the non-custodial parent, and what the transportation arrangements will be.

When planning to move after divorce, discuss your circumstances, child custody agreement, and plans with our team of child custody attorneys at Mitchell & West, LLC. We can help you make sure that you adhere to the legal process as you move, so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected consequences of your actions.

Florida Child Relocation Cases

Florida law defines relocation as one parent moving 50 miles or more away from the current residence, for at least 60 days, distinguishing it as a permanent move rather than a vacation, temporary move for educational purposes, or for medical treatment.

If a parent wants to move further than 50 miles away, he or she must come to an agreement with the other parent and prove to the court that:

  • Both parents agree to the relocation
  • Both parents agree to a schedule adjustment, or have created a new schedule for visitation or shared custody
  • Both parents agree to how transportation will be handled for the child and custody/visitation exchanges

If your relationship with your ex is hostile, you may have to get a modification from the court, wherein a hearing is held, and both parents present their respective views. The best interest of the child will ultimately decide the outcome.

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When you want to move away from your ex-spouse, but you are sharing custody of your children, the circumstances above will determine your course of action if you want to move without legal recourse. Your child’s relationship with their non-custodial parent will undoubtedly change if the visitation schedule and arrangements change. Make sure you are doing things by the books by consulting with our team. Our child custody lawyers at Mitchell & West, LLC can work with you to complete the required petitions, plead your case to the judge, and reconfigure your child custody arrangement.

Contact the team of child custody attorneys at Mitchell & West, LLC at (305) 783-3301.