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Celebrating the holidays after a divorce can be challenging, especially for your children. The traditions you once held dear will change and that can feel incredibly jarring, if not heartbreaking. Instead of dwelling on the loss of old traditions, focus on how you can begin creating new ones. Doing so will help you and your children learn to adjust and cope with the stress of this family-focused season.

Finding New Ways to Have a Joyous Holiday

The holidays will undoubtedly present some challenges for you and your children, so you should not put pressure on yourself or on them to have a perfect holiday season. Otherwise, it will only create more stress, which is the last thing you want during an already overwhelming situation.

Kick-off the holiday season by decorating your home or apartment. If your children are with you, have them join in on the decorating fun. If you plan on buying a Christmas tree, take your children out to purchase a new special ornament every year, so you have a fun and creative way to mark each holiday.

Here are some other new traditions you can include:

  1. Invite friends and family over: If your kids are with you for the holiday season, chances are they might miss their other parent. Keep in mind, they used to have both of their parents around during this special time and being without one of you will not be easy. If you have new friends in your life or extended family members you wish to partake in the festivities, send out some invites. If your children are not with you, you can still send those invites out, unless you are not up to the idea of hosting a gathering. If that is the case, reach out to the loved ones in your life to ensure you are not spending this time on your own.
  1. Think outside of the box with your meal plan: Many of us indulge in delicious treats during the holidays, but you do not have to stick to a traditional meal plan. Try something different. If no one is a big fan of turkey, consider making something else you know everyone will enjoy. You can even make pizzas from scratch if your children prefer it.
  1. Keep in touch: If your children cannot spend the holidays with you this year due to the visitation schedule, stay in touch with them. You will have to communicate with your former spouse regarding how you wish to stay connected. Consider texts, FaceTime, emails, phone calls, or a combination of these options.

Lastly, do not forget to make new traditions for yourself when you are without the kids. Do something good for yourself that will bring you joy and commit to it every year, even if you are feeling a bit down.

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