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Talking with boss

You are not required to tell your boss about your divorce. However, in some cases, doing so might be to your advantage. Considering that you will likely have to take some time off or leave early to attend court or mediation sessions, letting your boss know what you are going through or if you might need some help with your workload might lessen the weight on your shoulders during this time. That said, if you choose to tell your boss about your divorce, you should not overshare any personal details. Keep the focus on how it might impact your responsibilities rather than on what caused it.

Tips on How to Talk to Your Boss

The divorce process is often an emotional one, so although you do not want this conversation with your boss to delve into any of the reasons why you are getting a divorce, you probably want him or her to understand that this is a difficult time for you.

Review the following tips before discussing your divorce with your boss:

  1. Provide as much relevant information as you can: If you are aware of some of the days you will have to miss or leave early from work, inform your boss. The more he or she knows what to expect during this period, the better you can work out the professional details of how to navigate this situation without shirking your job duties or falling too far behind on your work. It will also highlight your proactive nature and dedication.
  1. Do not take advantage of your boss’s understanding: Although this is a difficult time for you, you should not use your divorce as a free pass for ignoring your responsibilities or producing sloppy work. Your boss might be understanding and give you a little wiggle room, given the circumstances, but you might still face steep consequences for poor job performance.
  1. Make the necessary adjustments to certain documents: Divorce is more than just an emotional minefield; it also often requires numerous changes and information updates. Contact human resources and make sure you update your health care information, tax information, beneficiary information, and anything else that might require your attention.

Even if you tell your boss about your divorce, you might want to rethink whether or not you share this information with your co-workers. It might be difficult to focus on your job if your co-workers try to discuss the progress of your divorce, so be careful about discussing the details of your personal life in a professional environment.

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