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Once you make the decision to move forward with a divorce, you will need to choose an attorney who is right for you and will effectively handle your case. For many, this is often a first-time experience and the idea of choosing a divorce attorney can be a little daunting if you are unsure of what to look for or which qualities are most important. An attorney who might have been great for someone you know might not also be good for you, especially if your case involves some issues that attorney is not experienced in handling.

So how should you go about choosing the right attorney for your divorce? Although everyone’s needs are different since no two divorces are exactly alike, there are still some steps everyone can take in their quest for the right divorce attorney.

At Mitchell & West LLC, we compiled a list of steps for you to follow in finding an attorney to handle your case:

  1. Understand what you want: There is more than one way to get divorced. If you are considering divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, you need to make sure you find an attorney who can meet these needs. If you are looking for traditional litigation, find an attorney who is experienced in representing clients in court. For those looking to keep costs down, mediation and collaborative divorce are generally better options compared to litigation, but if you and your spouse can barely tolerate the sight of each other, alternative dispute resolution might not be in the cards, so make sure you understand yours wants, needs, and be realistic.
  1. Look for divorce attorneys with experience: Not only should you look for an attorney who is experienced, but you must also choose one who is experienced in handling cases similar to yours. If you are going through a high asset divorce, you will want an attorney who has successfully handled these types of divorces before.
  1. Narrow it down to a few choices: Instead of hiring the first lawyer you meet, narrow it down to three choices and set up a consultation with each of them. During your initial case review, ask them what they specialize in, what their rates are, learn about their trial record, and find out what sort of resources they have access to. Keep in mind that divorce attorneys often consult many other experts, such as forensic appraisers and parenting coordinators.
  1. Observe any red flags: Some attorneys might look great on paper, but raise red flags during your consultation, so if you get a bad feeling, trust your gut. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your attorney, so it is important to feel at ease with him or her. Your attorney should be easy to reach, friendly, and someone with whom you feel comfortable discussing the details of your life.

Once you go through these steps, reevaluate your choices again and then make a decision. There is a lot on the line. So take some time to make sure you feel good about your choice.

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