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One of the most emotionally challenging issues families endure during the divorce process is child custody. Although family courts no longer show favoritism toward either gender when rendering custody decisions and generally believe that the involvement of both parents serves the best interests of the children, there are still some common mistakes fathers tend to make that can put them at a disadvantage in a custody dispute. Understanding these mistakes is a crucial step in ensuring you obtain the custody arrangement you are seeking.

Avoiding the Most Common Custody Mistakes

Despite the fact that there is no longer much of a bias against fathers in child custody disputes, many still believe their chances of obtaining custody are slim. Unfortunately, this defeatist attitude is one of the first and most common mistakes fathers make in child custody cases. If you already believe you are going to lose your case, why should you push for custody at all? As a result, you might come off as passive, while your co-parent might appear to be more proactive and passionate. Never assume you will lose!

Here are some other common mistakes you should avoid making during your child custody case:

  • Being an unsupportive co-parent: Co-parenting with your ex-spouse will undoubtedly be a challenge this early on, but you need to appear as cooperative as possible, regardless of the feelings you might have. If it seems that you do not support your children’s relationship with their mother, this will work against you and impact your custody arrangement.
  • Violating court orders: During the divorce process, the court will enforce temporary orders for issues like child custody and child support. You might not agree with them and they might not necessarily become permanent, but it is essential to obey them. If you fail to pay child support or try to see your children even though you do not have scheduled visitation, a judge will not be pleased. Conversely, you should also make sure to see your children whenever you have scheduled visitation with them. Otherwise, a judge might not think it is important for you to spend time with them.
  • Speaking negatively about your children’s mother in front of them: You probably have an entire list of grievances and resentments against your spouse, but you should never vent about them to your children. It is harmful to them and to their relationship with their mother, so save these rants for a therapist or a close friend, and make sure your children are never around to hear it.
  • Moving out of the marital home: Moving out of the family home and leaving your children behind sends a pretty strong message to a judge. It says that the mother is the primary caregiver and you do not have as solid a presence in your children’s lives as their mother does.

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